Selasa, 29 November 2011

2012 Toyota Prius PHV Start Selling

Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) announced, began to receive orders for the Prius Plug-in or (PHV) which will be launched in Japan on January 30, 2012. The advantages of this Toyota Prius PHV, the battery can be recharged at the outlet (wall socket) electricity at home. In addition, fuel consumption is more efficient than the hybrid version (HV)

According to Toyota, Prius PHV fuel consumption is 61.0 km / liter. While the electric mode (EV) and the battery is fully charged, can for a distance of 26.4 km. Hence, Toyota estimates that, for those who travel short distances, can rely on EV mode or energy of lithium-ion batteries are used.

Because, the Toyota Prius PHV is a combination of electric cars (EV) and hybrid cars (HV), and uses lithium-ion batteries with large capacity, the price is becoming more expensive. The standard version, released 3.2 million yen. The most expensive version sold 4.2 million yen. The price includes tax but not including the cost of recycling.

Added, the price is already suppressed as low as possible. Because, with the price too low as possible, Toyota hopes to promote electric cars. It is expected the public interested in using it.

More Weight
Lithium-ion batteries used Prius is 4.4 kWh and a capacity of greater size than the Prius HV battery. According to Toyota car battery causes weight was 50 kg. To suppress the accretion due to the weight of these batteries, body alleviated. Subsequently used tires with low rolling resistance.

Fuel consumption of 61.9 km / liter calculated based on driving conditions a combination of EV and HV. If you only rely on HV, instead of fuel consumption 31.6 km / Lier, electricity consumption seedangkan 8.74 km / kWh

PHV Drive Support
New features added to this car is a service called PHV Drive Support. With this, the car and the owner can be connected via the internet. Owners also can check the condition of the vehicle via a smartphone, especially the condition of the battery and battery charging station location. PHV Prius owners are also free to use the charging station (G-station) which is installed at the dealer of Toyota and other places.

Source of Power
For gasoline engines still used the previous Prius capacity of 1.8 liters. With the new battery, larger capacity - in addition to EV mileage increases far in EV mode - the car more responsive acceleration and top speed is also higher.

Further, the longer the use of electric mode, economical fuel consumption increases. In the car was supplied charger can fully charge in just 90 minutes baetrai when using electric 200Volt or 180 minutes for 100 Volt.

Toyota targets to sell the Prius PHV is 35000-40000 units per year.